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How to buy e-cigarettes?
Register in the store.
Choose a product from a catalog.
Add product to cart.
From baskets place an order, be sure to enter accurate and detailed postal delivery address and contact details (name of recipient).
Click "Checkout" and pay, over time, you indicated on the registration e-mail, a copy of the order comes with an indication of products ordered, shipping address and the amount of payment.
Payment order is made in the format you require. Choose the option that you prefer.
Proof of payment of your email.

How can I pay?
1. Choose a convenient form of payment!
2. Depending on the method of payment:
- Paypal - automatic call forwarding.
- Chinese and Gonkonskie banks - payment form.
- For WU - rules are filling in the account;
3. After payment, please send payment notification with the number of transactions on an e-mail site.
4. After receipt of payment within 1-3 days the goods will be sent to the address you specify, and you will be notified of tracking number.
You can track the location of your order by entering the tracking number of the goods, we will inform you as soon as the actual sending:
Hong Kong Post.

China International Post (China Post)






How do I get?
To the specified e-mail address to send a notification arrives, you can get at the post office.


How long does delivery take?
The standard period of passage posting under the terms of China Post 21-30 days throughout Roscii and CIS countries to Western Europe and the U.S. 10-14 days.


What documents will I have with your product?
You will have the following set of documents:
- Confirmation of the order;
- Proof of payment;
- Invoice (bill)
- Instruction.


What guarantees are provided on the product?
The product warranty - replacement of defective items in a period of 6 months from receipt of order. For consumables, liquid packaging are not covered.
Wholesalers provide enhanced (increased) warranty.
We remind you that the replacement shall be subject to the goods, no signs of attempts at self-repair, the proper form (no chips, scratches, abrasions, etc.), fully equipped (including packaging!). If there are signs of opening the product or attempt to repair, replacement is not made, and money is not returned.
All costs of sending ustroytsva for repair / replacement buyer pays for itself. Send corrections / replaced product to the buyer, made at our expense.

When calculating the cost of the goods, and for billing, shipping in the graph is 0 (zero), what does that mean?
This means that at the moment calculation delivery onlayn temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons.


For pricing the product and its availability should contact the site administrator.

Can I pay for the goods when they arrive, such as shipping costs?
Unfortunately, international parcel shipping costs are not Maestro to be sent. This is - the general international law. Cash is only valid within one country.

What quality of e-cigarettes from China?
The quality of electronic cigarette QWIS very high before selling cigarettes through three stages of quality control. In any case, at least, cigarettes QWIS, worth the money. Our suppliers - are the largest manufacturers in China, which are major importers of international markets, including the U.S. and Europe. These products can be found in almost any American auction and online stores U.S.


Why buy an accepted atomizer?

Compared with conventional atomizer, cartomizers, tanks, serviced atomizers have several competitive advantages:

1. Higher specifications, such as better vaporization and bright flavor. Accepted atomizer will allow you to more fully reveal the potential of electronic cigarettes to your.

2. Reliability. Accepted atomizer has not, as a rule, fragile parts that can be damaged, for example, in the fall, or fail in service, as is the case with heat-resistant plastic to kliromayzere.

3. The flexibility of customization. You do not need to buy atomizers with low or high resistance, now you can do to a spiral with the necessary resistance, find the optimal thickness of the thread, the number and type of winding nichrome wire, or purchase a glass of a different type of cartridge, expanding opportunities served atomizer.

4. Aesthetics and prestige. Qualitatively, made from good materials, with finishes vysokokachesvennoy served atomizer looks perfectly on expensive electronic cigarettes.

5. Low maintenance cost and economic feasibility of acquiring serviced atomizer.

Let's look at this issue in detail.

For example, the average price atomizer, clearomizers, cartomizers and other similar devices to the electronic cigarette is 3 or more dollars per unit.The average time used to complete failure of the critical fall or technical characteristics (taste, steaming) is 2 weeks. It turns out that every 2 weeks you will need, except for the cost of refueling electronic cigarettes carry the cost of replacing items that have lost their consumer properties. For example, consider that you also change every 2 weeks on the catchment atomizers and winding spiral, at a cost of 10 cm silica threads and 5 cm nichrome wire. At current prices, these costs would amount to a maximum total of 0.05-0.10 dollars per wound every 2 weeks. The difference between the cost of service is even an approximate calculation of at least $ 2.9 every 2 weeks. At an average price of accepted atomizer $ 30 is easy to calculate that for about 5 months operating costs for the purchase of your atomizer will be equal to the accepted value of the acquisition of conventional atomizers, and taking into account the higher prices at local markets - and much earlier, in 3-4 months. Considering all factors, the purchase of serviced atomizer - is not only a transition to a higher level of smoking electronic cigarettes, but also economically literate and informed decision.



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