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Water flossers > 2 in 1 travel water flosser (USB).

2 in 1 travel water flosser (USB).

2 in 1 travel water flosser (USB).

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2 in 1 travel water flosser (USB).


Portable irrigator for daily and effective care of teeth and gums.

Portable oral irrigator.

It helps to reduce the likelihood of gum disease, helps to solve the problem of their bleeding and soreness, bad breath.

With the device it is easy to care for braces, implants, prostheses. The irrigator is a prophylactic against caries, periodontitis.

The device has an original design.

The device is equipped with 4 nozzles. In addition to the standard nozzles, an advantage is the tongue cleaner nozzle, which gently cares for the tongue area and allows you to remove plaque.

The device operates in 3 modes, which allows you to purposefully approach the prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. LED indicators help you navigate the modes.

People who are just starting to use an oral irrigator are advised to use the L (easy) mode first. At first, if the gums are weak, they may bleed a little due to the effect of the massage jet on them. The gums are quickly strengthened (within a few days), as blood flows to them during the hydromassage. After that, you can move on to other cleaning modes.

The irrigator has three power modes, two time modes.

The irrigator is necessary for the prevention of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. In just two weeks (with daily use) your gums will be healthier.

The irrigator helps eliminate bad breath and reduce bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

In the presence of bridges, implants, crowns and braces in the oral cavity.

An oral irrigator is simply an indispensable tool for daily hygiene.

Despite its small size, the power of a portable irrigator is comparable to the best stationary models.

The device is easy to operate and convenient to use at home and on the road.

It is compact and takes up little space in the bathroom and travel bag.

Just 1-3 minutes a day should be spent taking care of your gums.

Another advantage of the irrigator is the ability to use any container of water. The capacity is not limited.


Features and specifications:

USB cable.
The minimum jet pressure is -350kPa.

Maximum jet pressure -750kPa.

The irrigator jet pulsation frequency is from 1200 to 1800.

The level of protection against water penetration is IPX7.

The capacity of the tank is not limited.
Charging via USB and adapter.

The operating time after a full charge is approximately 90 minutes.

Number of time modes - 2 (N=1 minute, D=2.5 min).

Number of cleaning modes - 3 (L-light, H-normal, PULSE-mode of enhanced pulsation).
Main Material: High quality ABS+TPR.

Neutral Color: White ABS+ Gray/Blue TPR.

Main Device Size:   198 * 39.5 * 39.5 mm.

Main Device N.W: 211g.

Power Supply: USB Rechargeable, DC 5V1A.

Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 1400mAh.

Waterproof: IPX7.

Hydraulic Pressure: 40-90PSI.

Charging Time: < 6 hours.

Discharging Time: ≥ 30 Min.

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA.


Set included:

Main Unit * 1.
USB cable * 1.
Nozzle * 1.

Toothbrush head * 1.
Water Pipe with clamp * 1.
Charging stand with cable * 1.
User Manual * 1.
Color box size: 316*116*68 mm.

Product Weight: 470g/set.

Qty in CTN: 32PCS/CTN.

CTN size: 556*448*335 mm.



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2 in 1 Family & travel water flosser (with water tank 800 ml).
2 in 1 Family & travel water flosser (with water tank 800 ml).
Portable smart water flosser.
Portable smart water flosser.


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