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Warranty and service
Warranty and service

Money back 30 days.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with products purchased from us but if for any reason our products are not satisfied or you did not meet your expectations, we are ready to return your money within 30 calendar days of receipt of your order.
Turning to us for refund, you need to know and follow these rules:

1. Refunds will be made only in consultation with the manager, and after receiving the goods back from you.

2. Postal charges of sending back the goods to us shall be the buyer.

3. Non-refundable items for personal use (for example, cigarette holders, caps, Drip types - for reasons of hygiene).

4. Goods must be original trademark look, to be in-one kit with the original packaging and be roadworthy.

5. If a product has clear signs of use, no part of the equipment is missing or damaged branded packaging, and there are other signs of loss of commercial species is agreed by the parties, can be performed part-time refund, minus the% loss of identity, and an incomplete complete product. Typically, a deduction may be 20-50% of the value of the goods. In any case, you have to agree before shipping any issues with our manager.

6. Fees payment systems for the refund shall be covered by the buyer.

7. Refund Policy applies only to retail customers.

8. Making and paying for an order on our online store, you agree to the rules of our store, and unconditionally agree to abide by all of the above items.

The warranty on electronic cigarettes.

The quality of electronic cigarettes supplied by our company are very high, before selling products undergo several stages of quality control. The number of marriages is minimal, but if the failure occurred, you will need to know the following.
For buyers there is a store warranty on electronic cigarettes - 6 months from the date of receipt of goods. Replacement option is as follows:

1. In the event of failure of an element of the electronic cigarette, which is covered by warranty, you must contact our manager, to request the form of Marriage Act and to report to him in the act of a description of the problem, your order number, the name of the payer, the method of payment and tracking number on which item was shipped to you.

2. Shall be replaced ONLY defective item, not the entire kit.

3. After agreeing to a manager necessarily defective item sent you to us at your expense. Contact us sending the replacement is carried out at our expense separately or as part of your current order.

4. The guarantee does not apply in the case of traces of mechanical damage, damage to discharge electricity, water traces or aggressive chemical fluids, adjustments, product by the customer, when used in the production of elements incompatible with their purpose and, in the case of end of warranty.

5. On the guarantee provided by the replacement element, an additional warranty period is not provided. The warranty period for a replacement comes with the date of original purchase.

6. The guarantee does not apply to accessories and consumables: liquid for electronic cigarettes, cartridges, cartomizers, Drip-types and packaging.

7. Making and paying for an order on our online store, you agree to the rules of our store, and unconditionally agree to abide by all of the above items.

For all questions about the guarantee and co-operation, please contact our managers:


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