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Pulse oximeter
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Fingertip pulse oximeter with LED screen.

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Fingertip pulse oximeter with LED screen.

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Fingertip pulse oximeter with LED screen.


A pulse oximeter is a device for diagnosing the oxygen content in the blood.

The device is worn on a specific part of the body (depending on the type of device), most often - a finger, a wing of a nose or an earlobe.

One of the LEDs emits red light, while the other emits infrared. Since this light effect, depending on the hemoglobin and oxygen in the blood, returns to the pulse oximeter differently, the detector also perceives them differently. The data is processed, and the user receives the finished result on the display in percent. In addition, the device also shows the heart rate, and it can display information both in numerical format and in the form of a graph.

The most compact models are hand held pulse oximeters. They are fixed, as the name suggests, on the finger. With the help of such pulse oximeters, it is possible to measure the oxygen level in the blood of children and adults.


Features and specifications:

Product Name: Fingertip Pulse oximeter

Measure time: 8 seconds after the finger is not detected

Perfusion :0.1%

Results output time :≤4s

Battery size: 1.5v * 2AAA alkaline batteries

Operating Voltage :1.7V~3.3V

Display mode: LED 4 colors

Product size: 57.55*32.86*31.29mm

Working Power: ≤30mA

Product Weight: 53.4g (w/o battery)

SPO2 Measurement: SpO2 measuring range: 0%-100% (the resolution is 1%); SpO2

accuracy: 70%-99%; ±2%, Below 70% unspecified

PR Measurement: PR Measuring range: 30 bpm-250bpm(resolution less than 1bpm); PR

Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% (select larger)

Working condition: Temperature: 10℃-40℃; Humidity: ≤75%; Pressure: 700-1060hpa.


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