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AR technology > AR glasses > Danny 2, lightweight mixed reality glasses for enterprise.

Danny 2, lightweight mixed reality glasses for enterprise.

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Danny 2, lightweight mixed reality glasses for enterprise.

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Danny 2, lightweight mixed reality glasses for enterprise.

Features and Specifications:

Supported OS: Android, Windows.

Display device type: micro-OLED.

Display: full HD (1080P).

FOV: 50°.

Connectivity: USB type-C with display port.

Nose pad: short/ medium/ tall.

Magnetic lens: transparent/ light/ dark.

Corrective lenses: 250-650 Degrees.

Rigorous design suitable for versatile applications.


Description and application functions:

  1. Inspection and Maintenance.

Inspection tasks are guided by smart glasses according to project specifications.

Application scenarios:

It offers intelligent inspection with the power of AR combined with big data helping patrol and maintenance of ultra-high-voltage equipment. All tasks are inspected according to project specifications through the smart glasses. At the same time, data is collected and connected to the power equipment to obtain necessary equipment information. Without the real-time display certain dangers may arise and result to problems like incomplete inspection or missing inspection. It helps with the standardizing and overhauling of procedures thus improving safety and protection between the staff and equipment Big data plays an important role in the overall improvement of equipment operation and security.


  1. Remote Monitoring and Guidance.

It gives guidance to monitoring and maintenance for front line employees from breaks times, places, and character restrictions.

Application scenarios:

The remote operating system along with the 0glasses smart glasses and NginABC engine combine equipment data to develop work assistance while training systems transmit data through the cloud platform and smart glasses, in order to guide engineers in performing equipment installation, and maintenance thereby reducing costs and improving.


  1. Manufacturing.

It helps the process and standardization of component assembly of certain production and maintenance of AR auxiliary circuit boards.

Application scenarios:

Which can be used in laboratories to verify automate manual assembly. Moreover, it is customizable depending on the specifications. This will help improve errors with the help of artificial intelligence to improve work efficiency and the yield.


  1. Data Collection

With the power of cloud, it can achieve historical trace-ability.

Application scenarios:

With the AR logistics work assistance system, logistics and storage of data such as material barcodes, can quickly be identified. Putting an ease in sorting material storage warehouse location guidelines and work instructions with the power of augmented reality display, docking with the enterprise MES systems, and automated material information processing. It improves efficiency, information processing, storage and promotes sustainability.


  1. Operating Instructions.

The AR assistance system for operation guidance is visualized through intelligence.

Application scenarios:

Therefore, 0glasses’ smart glasses will help manufacturers in operations to liberate and standardize assembly, maintenance and others getting rid of Kanban Limitations. Helping companies reduce error, improve effective and efficient work flow, and operating cost.


For wholesale purchases, please contact:

WhatsApp: +8615219501471

email: sv@china-sells.com

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