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Electric (ARC) lighters > Single ARC Lighters > BK-201 USB windproof ARC electric lighter (single).

BK-201 USB windproof ARC electric lighter (single).

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BK-201 USB windproof ARC electric lighter (single).

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BK-201 USB windproof ARC electric lighter (single).


Impulse wind-proof electric lighter USB, in which an electric spiral is built.

Instead of a flame, the lighter gives an electrical impulse.

Such lighters work on a single or double helix.

It does not create an open flame, it is an environmentally friendly gadget.

The most important advantage for the user is the use in any weather, does not go out in the wind, does not require gas (or other fuel) or battery, is charged from the computer port or power bank with DC5V voltage and output less than 3000MA.

There are no restrictions on transportation in airplanes.

The ideal tourist gadget.

Guaranteed 500 recharge cycles.

Very fast charging.

Features and Specifications:

Single - with one spiral - one electric pulse.

The size is 59 * 40 * 14 mm.

Different colors of your choice.

Maybe in a gift metal or cardboard package.

Package Including:

BK-201 USB windproof ARC electric lighter - 1 pc.

USB cable - 1 pc.

Instruction - 1 pc.


Not all electric lighters are presented in our online store.

For sale, our company has a large selection of single and double electric ARC lighters, electric lighters-spinners, electric lighters for BBQ and gas stoves.

Request by e-mail, what you can find below, wholesale catalog with all models and prices.

Some models MOQ of 50 or 100 pieces. A huge selection of models and colors with a printed pattern and three-dimensional embossing.

On your order, for a batch of lighters, we can put your logo and other data.

Delivery of DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and other types of logistics - we provide worldwide.

You can see official acoounts our company:

Made-in-China: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/beiker888

Alibaba: https://cn1500459308.onesite.alibaba.com

For more details and wholesale catalog, please contact our managers.

Wholesaler - special rates and conditions.


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