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Color KENNEDY 25 mm RDA.

Color KENNEDY 25 mm RDA.

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Color KENNEDY 25mm RDA.



Kennedy 25 - this is a drip, which will give you both excellent taste of steam, and freedom to install a spiral of any power.

This version of the well-known drip has a diameter of 25 millimeters, which means that the drip has a place for installing powerful spirals, while maintaining excellent taste characteristics. The base of the drip has two stands with one hole in each, but it is unique, first of all, by its blowing.

The air is taken from the side, at the bottom of the base, and is directed directly to the spiral through four channels, which are raised relative to the base of the base. Due to this, the probability of liquid leakage is practically eliminated. Since the updated dribbling has increased in diameter, the base of the base now allows you to lay more cotton, and also use interchangeable racks. Kennedy 25 allows you to set different options for racks, which is its main feature in front of the other drift competitors. By installing a rack with several holes to fix the spiral, you can wind up to 2-4 spirals and soar all at once, breathing in huge clouds of steam.

The blower provides two large adjustable holes in the bottom of the Kennedy 25 RDA drip. Copper adjustable pin is designed for 510 connector.


Features and Specifications:

Number of racks: 2 pcs. (Interchangeable).

Diameter: 25 mm.

Connector: 510.

Blowing: bottom.


Package Including:

Kennedy 25 RDA - 1 pc.

Spare windings - 3 pcs.

Sealing rings - 3 pcs.

Spare bolts - 2 pcs.

Hexagonal screwdriver - 2 pcs.


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