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E-Aroma Qwis, Indian hemp (Cannabis), 10 ml

E-Aroma Qwis, Indian hemp (Cannabis), 10 ml

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E-Aroma Qwis, Indian hemp (Cannabis), 10 ml.

E-Aroma (flavor concentrate) made ??from medical grade ingredients (USP) and is intended for self-production of liquid evaporation.
The flavor concentrate is made from medical grade components (USP) and is designed for self-production of liquid evaporation.

Natural, fine fragrances well open and give you unforgettable pleasure chosen flavor. Lush, rich taste of the most closely reflect the natural taste of the product. Years of experience in the selection of the proportions in complex multi-layered taste reveals all the subtle flavors contained in flavors Qwis.

FlavorIndian hemp (Cannabis).
Volume - 10 ml.
How to prepare: add a solid base flavoring to taste (3-10%), thoroughly mixed.
Attention! In case of contact with eyes, rinse with cool water and soap.
Do not use in confectionery purposes. Keep out of the reach of children.
Shelf life - 2 years.
In individual package.
Each bottle shrink film to protect it from the first opening.
Stopper with child protection.
Every 9 bottles packed in a gift box.
The box can be used as an exhibition space.

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